We pack your products individually in a validated sterile packaging process. The packaging materials and procedures relate to the prevailing standards and norms. Different sterile barrier material combinations (medical paper and film, fleece/Tyvek and film) are possible. Different packaging formats are also available. It is packed in the clean room on FFS packaging machines: form-fill-seal. Depending on requirements, new forms for FFS packaging machines are planned and designed. For this, packaging validations are carried out. Furthermore, sterile bags and sterile bags are closed on band sealers.

The packaging is printed with standard-compliant pictograms, barcodes or QR codes according to requirements and read via a scanner. We also take care of the design of labels and cardboard boxes. In addition, as a contract packer, we take care of the repackaging, labelling and cartooning as well as the sterilisation of medical products.
We take care of your goods. Take advantage of our additional services, such as storage of finished goods under controlled storage conditions at ALPO or customer-specific order picking: Dispatch on call