As ALPO, we combine plastics processing expertise from numerous technical sectors and the medical device industry. In doing so, we draw on in-depth specialist knowledge from over 50 years of market experience in the manufacture of plastic items.

We strive for long-term business relationships based on partnership with our customers and suppliers. The exchange of knowledge with users helps us to identify new market requirements. This enables us to quickly turn product ideas into customer-oriented and innovative solutions.

We are constantly developing our processes and thus expanding our range of services. This will enable us to position ourselves successfully in the next few years as a provider of individual product solutions in new markets in medical technology and other industries.

We see ourselves as a responsible partner in medical technology. With sophisticated, reliable and high-quality devices, we make a significant contribution to maintaining the quality of life and restoring the health of patients. The safety of patients, users and products is of central importance to us. Fast implementation of ideas, patient benefits, cost awareness and increased efficiency in the health system are the focus of our actions.